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Breast lifts can improve the position, shape and distribution of existing breast tissue. It must also be remembered that effects of gravity and aging will continue and that some amount of sagging may gradually recur over time but exercises to lift breasts can hlep! Breast lift is usually done on an outpatient basis. Cessation of all nicotine products is strongly urged three weeks pre and post operatively. Breast lift surgery can be performed under local anesthesia, along with intravenous sedation, or general anesthesia depending on your health, the extent of the procedure and whether you are having other procedures at the same time. Techniques vary, but the most common procedure involves an anchor-shaped incision following the natural contour of the breast.

Breast lift is performed under general anesthesia. The procedure may be performed in a hospital whereby the surgeon has privileges to perform it there or an out patient surgical center. Breast lift may need to be repeated in the future to maintain optimal results especially with larger breasts. Decision to have surgery should be taken seriously and thought over carefully. When people are thinking of a breast implant they also ask How long do breast implants last. Breast lift surgery is performed in our office surgical facility. The process lasts approximately two hours.

Breast lift surgery is an elective procedure also known as mastopexy . It is performed by a plastic surgeon under general anesthesia , usually for cosmetic purposes. Breast lifts can come in numerous shapes and means. Generally they aim to manipulate the skin and connective tissue around the breast. Breast lift cosmetic surgery is usually done on women who wish to gain back the youthful look there breasts had before age and the gravity kicked in and everything started heading downhill and sagging. If you lose a tremendous or significant amount of weight it can also cause the breasts to stretch out and sag too.

Scars are the greatest drawback of a breast lift. They will be around the nipple, and may also extend from the nipple down to the crease, and along the breast crease. Scarring from the surgery can take anywhere from several months to a year to fade. Scars usually soften and fade within six to 12 months. Because scars are permanent and their appearance can be difficult to predict, scarring is an important consideration for many women.

Complications are less likely if the patient has never had radiation therapy to the surgical area, is a non-smoker, is not overweight, and avoids medicines that promote bleeding, such as aspirin and related drugs. To state that the other way, the chance of complications is greatly increased by radiation, excessive body weight, or nicotine, all of which will be discussed at the consultation with Dr. COMPLICATIONS AND ADDITIONAL SURGERY: Any of these problems noted above may require additional surgery, hospitalization, and time away from work. If this occurs, there will be additional costs for surgical fees, supplies, anesthesia, etc., depending upon the required operation. Make sure you konw the Dangers of Breast Implants before having your surgery done.